Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are inflatable kayaks sturdy?

I want a cheap kayak, like an inflatable, but I was just wondering if inflatables would pop, or fall down.Are inflatable kayaks sturdy?
Most inflatable kayaks are pretty sturdy and you really don't have to worry about them popping. I have a Sea Eagle explorer inflatable kayak that has been awesome but it might cost a little more than you want to spend. Amazon has a fairly good selection of inflatable kayaks for a decent price.

Check out this website as it gives tons of reviews and information on all of the different inflatable kayaks... http://www.inflatablekayakworld.comAre inflatable kayaks sturdy?
Quality inflatables are very sturdy. Whitewater rafts and commercial level Zodiacs are some of the toughest boats around. However, the cheapest inflatable kayaks are made of unreinforced vinyl (PVC), like a shower curtain, and they don't last.

Check out Innova kayaks. These use a tough, rubber-coated fabric that will last decades.Are inflatable kayaks sturdy?
There are some very stiff inflatables available. The inexpensive ones are simply 'one time' water toys. You need to try some out and then decide what to buy. If you expect to get an inflatable kayak that performs like a rigid boat you will be disappointed. Do a budget; PFD, helmet, flotation, and paddle. This gear may cost more than the 'cheap' kayak. Inquire at your local club about used rigid boats.
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